Apple Pie Smoothie & Graeter’s Ice Cream

As I was eating my awesome lunch of toasted bread with honey and peanut butter, I was rummaging though the fridge for something more substantial (such as the crab cakes from last night). I happened upon left over apple pie. I remembered a post on How Sweet Eats of how to make an Apple Pie Smoothie so I thought it would taste good to make it from just ordinary apple pie with ice cream. Ala mode, if you will.

The verdict – taste: very good, just like I expected; texture: the deal breaker. I don’t know what I was thinking including the crust. Well yes, I do – the recipe calls for crushed in graham crackers. But by my personal preferences, I made a huge mistake. I am not a fan of anything not creamy in my smoothies unless it has huge chunks that I can pick out with a spoon and eat separately. So a word of advice, try at your own risk or don’t include crust/crackers.

However, this post has a happy ending. My sweet-tooth was in full force by now and highly unsatisfied so I headed back to the freezer (it is almost 100˚ outside) and remembered my dad’s wonderful purchase of Graeter’s Ice Cream.

Graeter’s is a wonderful (though expensive) brand of ice cream. The chocolate chip flavor (pictured above) made a perfect afternoon snack. The ice cream is 2% air, which gives it a really dense and wonderful texture. Check out this slideshow from Serious Eats to see how it’s made.


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