Aunt Jeanne’s Cornbread

I’m back at college! With a kitchen! It’s so super exciting and I don’t care that I sound like a 16 year-old. I love my kitchen. Sure it’s been almost a month since I moved in and I’m just now posting, but I’ve been too busy cooking and playing in the kitchen. It’s itty bitty; my roommate and I can’t be trying to use it at the same time even if one of us is washing dishes and the other is grabbing something out of the fridge.

I think it is honestly the smallest kitchen ever intentionally designed for 2 people. To give you a sense of scale, to be able to open the fridge, I have to move the chair closest to the fridge out into the middle, which then blocks the oven and all exit routes. My cookie sheet has to go in so that I’m only able to grab the shorter end rather than sideways. But it’s my beautiful kitchen and I love it.

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