Cupcakes for Two

I’ve been wanting to try this cupcake recipe for a while now because it removes the issue of having dessert enough for a party when it’s just you wanting something sweet and cakey. I dont’ have any “progress” photos because these are just that easy to make! The cake is moist and very vanilla flavored. I think the simplicity makes them all the better. It’s a step above doing a mug cake in the microwave and pulling out something that’s worthy of Cupcake Wars. Okay, it’s closer to the mug cake.

Note: I didn’t make the cupcakes in the ramekins, but that could be a fun way to serve them, if you have tiny ramekins of course.

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Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Same friend as the meatball subs, different weekend. Deb has done it again with these recipes. I know I have an almost sick obsession with Smitten Kitchen, but honestly, those recipes are good and it’s updated pretty regularly so I have a seemingly endless supply of those good recipes.

Anywho, cupcakes. One major tip – make sure you have the coco powder clear of clumps. While the cupcakes still tasted phenomenal, there were periodic clumps of coco powder within the cake. Also, the batter is liquid and they turn out fine with said liquid batter. Now I know my piping skills aren’t quite so fantastic, but that was part of the fun of eating them! We didn’t wait for the cupcakes to cool entirely so the ice cream was melting within them and the whipped cream was all over our noses. Read the rest of this entry »