Lemon Bars

So it’s been a while. I changed schools this past semester and my new dorm’s kitchen was on the basement level with my room on the third floor. My tendency to forget things while running back and forth to the kitchen highly hindered my ability to bake. As in, I didn’t bake for the entire semester. I made fudge once. But that just required the stove top that was in the lounge and the fridge in my room.

Now I’m back at home! This means i have access to the Kitchen Aid and a large stove and wide spice collection and lots of space and everything at my fingertips. Oh how I love being home. I’ve already made my chocolate cupcakes and was just itching to make something else. My mom is having a friend over for wine later so something not quite so bready sounded like a good idea. I looked through my recipes (I think I have 500 something bookmarked) and was between two Smitten Kitchen citrus choices; Deb’s keylime meltaways and her lemon bars. Obviously, if you’ve read the title, I chose the lemon bars.

I don’t know what was up with the lemons today but I could not get any juice out of them. I went through 5 lemons and still only had about 2/3 cup of juice. I tried microwaving them and everything. I have no idea what happened. Oh well the bars are delicious.

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Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Same friend as the meatball subs, different weekend. Deb has done it again with these recipes. I know I have an almost sick obsession with Smitten Kitchen, but honestly, those recipes are good and it’s updated pretty regularly so I have a seemingly endless supply of those good recipes.

Anywho, cupcakes. One major tip – make sure you have the coco powder clear of clumps. While the cupcakes still tasted phenomenal, there were periodic clumps of coco powder within the cake. Also, the batter is liquid and they turn out fine with said liquid batter. Now I know my piping skills aren’t quite so fantastic, but that was part of the fun of eating them! We didn’t wait for the cupcakes to cool entirely so the ice cream was melting within them and the whipped cream was all over our noses. Read the rest of this entry »